Making Fathers Day Special

Father’s Day isn’t just another holiday to buy an overpriced card and a boring tie. It is a day to celebrate being “dad.” This holiday, give a gift that creates a special memory for him. Here are some ideas.

  1. Have a picture made (that’s how we say it in the south) that captures your children’s personalities. Don’t worry about who is smiling and who is being silly. That’s what makes the photo special. In fact — tell everyone to make a few faces they think are especially “them.”  This picture will make dad laugh every time he sees it. Don’t forget to frame it so it’s ready to take to the office. If possible, have your children sign the back to capture their handwriting for the future.
  2. Have your children paint a tie for dad. You can buy solid ties fairly easily and fabric paints work great if you water them down just a bit. Cotton gets a little stiff, but silk bleeds more. You may want to try one of each to see which one comes out better. Help your children plan what they will paint before they begin so the tie has a story behind it.
  3. Buy matching father/child clothing such as boxers, robes, or slippers and have everyone wear them for breakfast in bed or a movie night. Nothing says dad like a ball game and a hand in the waistband!
  4. Make Your Own Opoly Board Game that is all about dad. You can buy the kit on Amazon, but hurry! There isn’t much time.
  5. Plan a picnic complete with games, and his favorite picnic food. If the children are young, don’t forget the bubbles. If they’re older, remind them it is a day to spend with dad rather than arguing with each other.
  6. Have the kids hide sweet notes inside dad’s car and briefcase so he finds them long after father’s day is over.
  7. Set up an ice cream parlor and have your children be the servers. You will have lots of laughs watching them make the sundaes and they will remember that day for a long time.

  • Bea

    Great suggestions! I especially like the last idea.

  • Kathi the Wingspouse

    Thank you, Bea. I just saw another great suggestion from my twitter follower (@thenextbigzing). She suggested a PAKSEAT which is a backpack that turns into a seat (great for hiking!)