Top 10 Reasons I Stayed Married to You

In honor of our 21st wedding anniversary, I put together the top ten reasons I stayed married to my husband. My reasons might be humorous, but having someone to joke with and who loves me for ME is the greatest blessing I can imagine.

So here they are:

#10: I wouldn’t have any big t-shirts to sleep in.

#9:   I would have to find someone else who could put up with me.

#8:   I would forget how to sing along to the oldies.

#7:   I wouldn’t know that choc chips must be hidden under vanilla pudding.

#6:   I would have to make my own coffee in the morning.

#5:   I wouldn’t know when it was 5:45am (your alarm time).

#4:   I wouldn’t have anyone around to tell me I was right.

#3:   I would never know when I’m acting like my mother.

#2:   Going to bed wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

#1:   September 1 would just be another day.

Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

  • Deborah Bushey

    I so agree! Happy Anniversary to both of you love birds.

  • Mark Browne

    How can I let this go without a response! 21 years of wedded bliss to my best friend in the whole world. I may not be as creative but here are my own top ten reasons I’m glad we got married in the first place:

    #10 Who else would laugh at a joke that starts out “Two electrons walk into a bar….”
    #9 A geek like me would have to work way too hard to land another wife as hot as you!
    #8 I have really liked coffee all along, it just took me 21 years to realize it.
    #7 I would never have known the difference between drapes, curtains, and window treatments.
    #6 No other woman would have let me wear a fish tie in our engagement picture.
    #5 I would never have known the joy of “coming away to a quiet place to rest awhile”
    #4 Best mom ever. Period.
    #3 There is no voice I love to hear singing more than yours
    #2 Going to bed wouldn’t be nearly as much fun (Had to agree with you there!)
    #1 Of the 7,665 days we have been married (The geek in me just couldn’t resist the temptation to do the math, each one is better than the next!)

    Happy Anniversary Love!

    • Deborah Bushey


  • brij

    I did not know all about you!

    Happy Anniversary to you!


  • Emmy

    Thanks for helping me to see tnihgs in a different light.